Mission and goals

The mission of Przedsiebiorstwo HAK company is to achieve high quality products and services and guarantee the highest level of their safety.

We implement it by combining knowledge and experience of professionals from many fields of science and technology at work on projects. We try to keep track of technological innovations and implement them in our products. We approach each of our clients individually and adapting projects to existing needs.


As a manufacturer of lifting devices, we are also fully aware that they are to serve people and - above all - work with people. Our priority is to create safe solutions that meet all standards required to minimize human hazards.

In carrying out the mission, we strive for the enterprise's goal - to become a national leader in the production and distribution of crane equipment, services and accessories. In this way he helps us:

  • conducting research and development works to meet customer expectations,
  • compliance of our products with safety standards and requirements,
  • quality, efficiency and reliability of our products,
  • energy saving solutions created by us,
  • product ergonomics and the process of its creation,
  • constant broadening of knowledge and training of specialists.